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In today's tech-savvy society, the easiest and fastest way to connect with readers is online. While pages and accounts on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter help boost sales, authors who want an online presence should seriously consider creating and mantaining their own websites.

Since 1997, I have created and maintaited extensive websites for myself and others. However, I understand the average author doesn't want to learn HTML or spend any more time away from writing than necessary. I have created personalized websites for several authors, which are simple to update without having to pay someone just to insert a line or two of code.

I don't sell or use any templates by other designers. The sites I create are simple and reasonably priced, perfect for an author who wants a website but can't afford to pay a lot for it. A sample of the sites I've created appears below. Click on each to visit the site and see how easy it is to navigate.


Remember, these are not templates for use with any website creation software, such as Wordpress or Blogger, and don't work as templates for Facebook or MySpace fan sites. Authors interested in purchasing a website are strongly encouraged to purchase a unique URL and server space from a webhost. While my designs will work on free webhosts, keep in mind that such providers tend to place ads on your pages or limit the type of content you can display.

If you'd like my recommendation, Dreamhost is a wonderful webhost ~ I've been a customer since I got my first page in 1997. They will gladly host websites of erotica and erotic romance authors.

To order, e-mail jmsnyder23@yahoo.com with a short intro to what you want and we'll go from there.
  • Top Banner, Index Page, and 4 Additional Pages: $75
    • Perfect for new authors.
    • Author must have website hosting with the ability to transfer files via FTP to the site.
    • Top banner will be used on every page to provide a cohesive look across the site. Will work with author to select the image and tagline for the site.
    • Index page will be created to provide a short introduction to the author, including links to author's latest releases, contact/newsletter info, etc.
    • Four additional pages will be created. These can contain any content the author wishes, but most common uses of these additional pages include an about page, a list of available titles (print, e-book, or both), and links page.
    • If the author selects one page to contain a list of available titles, one additional page MUST be a page dedicated solely to one title (cover art, publishing links, blurb, excerpt, reviews).
    • I will provide the author with detailed information on how to create additional pages for each title available as well as how to update the books and index pages when new releases need to be added.
    • Additional links can be added to the menu bar (either along the top of the page or down the side) to your blog, Facebook page, etc.
    • Design will be created using a mock-up, watermarked banner image and uploaded to the Written Ink website. A link to the mock-up will be sent to the author for approval.
    • Payment is expected via PayPal when mock-up is approved. Website will be zipped and forwarded to author, or uploaded to the author's FTP site directly, within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

  • Additional Pages: $15 each
    • Perfect for prolific authors.
    • If the author wants me to create individual pages for all titles available before the website goes live, each page will cost an additional $15.

  • Consultation: $25/hour
    • If the author needs expert advice or recommendations on any matters relating to websites, personal or commercial, including but not limited to Wordpress or Zen-Cart installation/setup, basic HTML/CSS/PHP coding, website installation via FTP over and above the initial setup, blog integration, or website maintaince, my consulting fee is $25 per hour, payable via PayPal.
No payment is made before you approve the mock-up site.

Authors seeking consultation will be asked to sign a contract outlying a mutually agreed upon pay-per-performance schedule and not-to-exceed total amount.